6 steps to properly use and store wooden pallets

Pallets are a very common and effective means of transporting goods. The market offers a variety of pallets such as plastic pallets, wooden pallets, paper pallets, ... depending on the purpose you use. Which pallet to suit.

However, to be able to use the pallet is durable, the use and preservation of pallets play a decisive role. In the article below we offer 6 notes that you need to grasp to use and preserve wood pallet properly for your reference:

First, when stacking goods on pallets, you place the heavy cargo underneath, lightweight at the top, such arrangement will help to focus more firmly, limiting the fall to spoil goods. As a rule of thumb, it is best to arrange the goods so that they fit neatly into the perimeter of the pallet, so as to avoid collision damage to the goods or even damage your pallet.

Second, for small items you should stack them in a stack so that when stacked on pallets it is easier and more reliable. Not only that, the way of loading so the carton will be very close together, not fall down and create a neat when moving.

Third, you should not exceed the pallet's weight, nor exceed the height rating. Normally, only about 6 boxes of equivalent square with the height of 5-6 feet. If you are too high, it can lead to bulky goods that are difficult to transport, which increases the risk of falling, leading to no significant damage.

Fourth, to avoid dropping merchandise you should place additional inserts on each side and bottom of the shipment. This lining will help stabilize the cargo, as it will make the ride smooth, easier to move.

Fifth, in order to be more secure, you can use glue wrapped around the shipment to increase stability. Fixing the tape in a straight line will make the cartons more snug, free from shakes or falls.

Friday, because wooden pallet can be infested or moldy, so if using wooden pallets store goods in stock for a long time, you should use plastic to wrap around the pallet. It can be said that this is one of the most effective ways to prevent mold and insect infestation from affecting the goods inside.

The pallet market is also divided into two types: old wooden pallets and new wooden pallets, old wooden pallets are relatively cheaper than new wooden pallets. Therefore, depending on the purpose you use whichever type to suit. But whatever pallet you use, it should be noted and used properly to maintain the long-term use.


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