Production of wooden pallets as required

If you have a need to use wooden pallets, crates for your business and are wondering to find solutions to this problem. Please contact us immediately

Save time.

No need to look up the internet and other resources, or call the other pallet supply units. Call us and make sure you have the most accurate answer to any questions you have regarding pallets and crates.

Cost savings.

Understand that cost is a big concern for customers when choosing to buy pallets and crates, especially in times of economic hardship. We design and advise our customers on wooden pallet products at the lowest cost while still ensuring the aesthetics, load requirements, and convenience of storage.

Improve business efficiency.

The efficiency of your business will be increased significantly when saving time and money by using our pallet and wooden products. In addition, to help you further improve your production efficiency, we also help find the best suppliers for other supporting products such as carton packaging, belt, forklift adhesive tape, paper tape, etc. due to our good relationships with leading manufacturers of these products.

Process for receiving customers to produce wooden pallet as required:

- Receiving orders for palletgo production or supply: is the period we receive orders from customers.

- Technical consultancy aims to help customers get the most suitable products for storage and transportation of their goods. Professional technical consultants will surely help you make the most perfect choice.

- Select wood material for pallet: we always choose the best wood to produce pallets such as melaleuca, wood, nacre.

- Carry out anti-termite work according to the standard of wooden pallet for export.

- Make pallets closed.

- Shipping and delivery to customers by modern means: trucks 5 - 10 tons, the type of forklift ...

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